• C3 Silver Linen
  • C3 Oatmeal Linen
  • C3 Linseed Linen
  • C3 Fallow Linen
  • C3 Fog Linen
  • C3 Vintage Rose Linen
  • C3 Persian Linen
  • C3 Paprika Linen
  • C3 Jade Linen
  • C3 Slate Linen
  • C3 Moss Linen
  • C2 White Linen
  • C2 Off White Linen
  • C2 Sparkle
  • C2 Waterproof Natural
  • C2 Ash Hessian
  • C2 Red Brick
  • C2 Bluestone Linen
  • C2 Floral
  • C2 Black Linen
  • C2 Black Hessian
  • C2 Waterproof White
  • C2 Gator
  • C2 Cream Linen
  • C1 White
  • C1 Natural
  • C1 Buttercup
  • C1 Coral
  • C1 Red
  • C1 Pomegranate
  • C1 Eggplant
  • C1 Black
  • C1 Ocean
  • C1 Sky
  • C1 Jungle
  • C1 Bowling Green

Lamp Shades

We produce custom made lamp shades that are tailored to our clients’ unique lighting needs.  Shades are made to order and hand crafted by our skilled shade makers in Melbourne.  Lamp shade making lies at the heart of our company and is a skill set that our team have been honing for nearly 80 years.

Select from our range of textured, woven, linen and cotton fabrics seen here or supply your own fabric.  Lamp shades in our C1 & C2 fabrics are typically finished with a fine, colour matched trim top and bottom, while C3 and client supplied fabrics are completed with a beautiful rolled edge finish.


Our Lamp Shades are made to order in Melbourne and can be customised to suit your specific needs.  For a custom Lamp Shade quotation, click through to our quote form or contact us today by phone on 03 9755 7244.