Custom Lamp Shades

At Mayfield Lighting, we produce custom made lamp shades that are tailored to our clients’ unique lighting needs.  Shades are made to order and hand crafted by our skilled shade makers, in Melbourne.  Lamp shade making lies at the heart of our company and is a skill set that our team have been honing for nearly 80 years.

Lamps shades are made with our own range of carefully selected and locally sourced linen fabrics and components, and can be made in a wide variety of configurations.  We make both one off bespoke lamp shades and large production runs for hotel and accommodation projects.


Specify your shade style, size, fabric & edge finish for the perfect Lamp Shade for your interior style. We are here to help you create the perfect lamp shade for any table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light, new or old.

Fabric Range
Select from our in house range of beautiful linens, textured and woven fabrics in a variety of colours, or source your own fabric to have made into a truly bespoke lamp shade.

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Lamp Shade Guide 
Our lamp shade specification guide is designed to help you create the perfect Lamp Shade for your table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light.  Download via the below link to understand the more technical aspects of lamp shade specification.

Lamp Shade Guide

Case Studies

Follow the link to view our Hotel and Hospitality project case studies.

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Lamp Shade Sizes

15cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $78$167
25cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $77$154
30cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $84$167
33cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $94$179
36cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $114$210
41cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $125$226
46cm Cylinder Lamp Shade $144$252