Australian interior designers agree that despite being key factors in any space, lighting remains one of the greatest afterthoughts when considering home decor. Whilst fashion may change, there is no denying the power of well-positioned lamps! The lighting of a space impacts the ambience exuded in an area, and therefore how one feels when luxuriating in a living room or working in a kitchen. Flexibility and functionality should also be taken into consideration when deciding on your home decor, with task lighting holding pride of place in work areas, but being balanced by lounge and dining rooms being lit by mood-driven and aesthetic choices.


Australian interior designers have been celebrating the humble floor lamp for years, and are now seeing this go-to form of lighting double as a practical as well as aesthetic choice. The living room is where multiple tasks and interactions come together, from reading and relaxing, watching TV, entertaining, and perhaps the occasional nap – therefore it is important to cater to all possibilities with lighting that evokes and encourages particular moods and a distinctive sense of space.
Grids of downlights in lounge and living rooms are useful for broader illumination, however the dedicated lighting provided by floor lamps can cast light in select locations.  With the elegance of floor lamps providing a sophisticated home decor, floor-mounted power points can be introduced to keep your living room looking chic, whilst keeping walkways clear of cords. The Esta Floor Lamp exudes elegance with its clean design, arching into a beautiful and practical side-table, perfect for lighting your book and cradling that glass of wine!

Esta Floor Lamp


Home decor is not just about the aesthetic, but also the practicality. The kitchen is a prime example of an area requiring task-oriented lighting in order to allow you to prepare food, clean, or simply read those small-print recipe books! However, according to Sisalla Interior Design’s Lauren Li, it is also an area of untapped potential when it comes to lighting design. “You’re looking for the perfect combination of task lighting and more decorative, ambient lighting”. Li concedes that such spaces require facility as much as fun, suggesting that the placement of kitchen lights are as important as the fitting, however there is room for creativity. A pendant over benchtops can provide adequate lightsource, whilst also being designed with self-expression at the fore. Mayfield offer a variety of pendant light fittings, with a wide selection of fabrics in-house or sourced. Our craftsmen can also create your perfect pendant with an array of cable and rod suspension styles to best illuminate your benchtop. Try our clean and simple Basic Cylinder, or opt for a more dramatic touch to your home decor with the Chewy.

Pendant Light Fittings
Pendant Light Fittings


Whether you’re following your own nose or seeking the advice of Australian interior designers, you will appreciate the notion of ‘mood lighting’ and its place in the bedroom.  Depending on your habits, as well as the layout of your home, the bedroom can require practical lighting as well as this form of ambience. Standard ceiling lighting is beneficial for those who simply use their bedrooms to sleep, however many of us like nothing more than to jump into bed with a book, or use the room to apply make-up and other more detailed activities. Pendants hanging on either side of the bed, or accessible-but-stylish table lamps are just as practical as downlighting, and offer a sense of style. The Martha Table Lamp, with it’s external glass case and inner brass design, exudes a sleekness that is both useful and stylish, whilst the Littlewhy Bedside Lamp offers a clean and unobtrusive lightsource, perfect for bedrooms with a modern decor. A quick tip for those seeking to read in bed, the bottom of your lampshade should be between shoulder height and just below your eye level to ensure the perfect splash of light over your book!

Martha Table Lamp
Littlewhy Bedside Lamp


Second only to the living room (and often sharing the same space), the dining room is of the most exciting areas for home decor, being the hub of multiple forms of interaction- relaxation, work, entertainment, and of course, devouring those desserts. As a multi-purpose area, interior designers are adamant that artistic lampshades and beautifully-crafted stands needn’t play second-fiddle to illumination in a space. Designers agree that this is the area where floor and table lamps come into their own, serving as functional pieces for those who wish to read quietly in one corner, while another enjoys a well-earned rest on the sofa. Equally, dinner parties can continue to be lit with downlights, spotlights and pendants, while areas designed for luxuriating can be lit to preference by standing lamps with dimmer switches. To draw attention to art works, wall lights can be fitted above paintings, and as with kitchen benchtops, your dining table can become both a functional and creative space when lit by low-hanging pendant lights. These can be made to order by Mayfield’s expert craftspeople, using our own range of fabric, or your personal selection. By using separate light and lighting sources creatively, you can segregate areas, creating multiple spaces, and multiple moods in a single room.

Fabric Swatches


No one can diminish the practical use of overhead lighting, however when it comes to a point of difference in your home decor, nothing combines style with substance as much as interesting light sources. Not only do lamps indicate your personal taste, but they also remain a practical option to draw attention to objects, fill dead spaces, and can be works of art in and of themselves. When it comes to aesthetic, Australian interior designers are championing the concept of a willfully mismatched home decor. A combination of textures, colours and styles when placed strategically around a room can add interest without overwhelming a space. The Felix Floor Lamp is modern and unobtrusive, speaking to a clean, contemporary aesthetic and designed to light specific areas, whilst table lamps, like the Amelie Table Lamp, might be used as stylistic touches, reflecting spatterings of colour on cushions or throws, and can directly contrast with the overall feel of a space.

Felix Floor Lamp
Amelie Table Lamp

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