No fussy ornamentation. No clutter. Perfectly placed in inner city homes where every line counts towards Contemporary Cool. This trend of edginess and minimalism is based in the here and now. With its strong emphasis on form and line, these lamps will bring out the wow in apartment style living.

This trending style embraces a new-age cool attitude. Clean, crisp and simple. You won't find anything fussy or fancy here, so if heavy drapes and tartan are your thing... STOP reading here.

Think modern design using shapes and geometry. Abstract art can also be nearly monochromatic or a canvas of a single colour.

Most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, includes clean, straight lines with no additional detail. This lack of detail means that every piece speaks for itself.

Almost everything in place serves a purpose, nothing is "just for show". Make everything count. Can you get rid of things, and keep only the things that really matter? Edit vigorously, until you've whittled it down to the minimum.

Take a risk with large pieces, whether it's a lounge suite, a bed frame, a wall artwork or a lamp. Keep in mind the whole Contemporary Cool style is based on the "less is more" principle, so adopting a few edgy, unique and bold pieces is a sure-fire way to nail this style.

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