Life's too short to be beige. Well that's what we think anyway. If you haven't noticed the neon pop trend creeping up in the fashion world, then you've been living under a rock. It's taking over all the design realms from red carpet ball gowns on A-list celebs to trendy accessories such as watches and necklaces. Even world class athletes are getting on board (circa Rafael Nadal in this year's Australian Open). So it's no surprise neon pop is making its way back into the interior design world.

Adopting the neon pop look is easier than you might think... So whether you want to brighten up your drab living room or transform the kids bedrooms on a budget - it's neon pop to the rescue!

For those who love colour but have commitment issues and cringe at the thought of painting a wall fluro blue, a few splashes of neon around a room can make a world of difference. The beauty of neon pop is it only takes a few pieces to transform or update an existing (and drab) room. You don't need to be an interior designer to create this look, here's a few tips from Mayfield:

> Pair your pops of neon with earthy neutral tones to avoid overload
> DIY it with neon paints: paint the top/bottom half of old pots and vases for a hint of colour
> Throw rugs, cushions, vases and lamps are cost effective ways of getting pops of neon into your space
> Mismatch the different colours of neon i.e. mixing a pink throw rug with yellow cushions

There's a whole psychology that is associated with colours; what they mean, how they make you feel and so on. If you want to keep your neon pops in line with feng shui guidelines, keep these ideas in mind:

This is one for the social butterflies and dinner party host extraordinaires. The colour orange is seen as the 'social' colour which promotes an energy associated with conversation, laughing and general all round good times in your home.

The universal colour of love, the colour pink is perfect for creating a soothing energy, much like that associated with Marvin Gaye songs. These calming vibes make for a good chill-out space in your home.

The colour yellow is associated with the sun/sunlight and aims to wake up a darkened room. Much like a sunrise. Get it? Cheerful, uplifting, bright and beaming are all vibes associated with yellow tones and can be used to brighten any room from the kitchen, lounge room to the study and bedrooms. There is also an element of 'cosiness' associated with yellow, so it's a winner for home decor in our books!

This one is also worthy of a gold star. Blue colours ranging from ocean, indigo, aqua and baby blue are all associated with water and clear skies in the feng shui world. So imagine the feeling of sailing the Mediterranean sea on a warm summer day - that's what blue aims to do in your home.

The colour of life, nourishment and balance. Green has a calming effect which helps bring mother nature and her goodness into the home. Associated with plants, flora and sweeping meadows the colour green aims to keep you in touch with the natural world (and a constant reminder to eat your veggies).

Of all the colours in the feng shui spectrum, purple is the one to use in moderation. According to Mr Feng himself it's not recommended to paint a whole entire wall bright purple as it's a 'high vibration' colour and can over stimulate the nervous system. But in saying that, we love this colour and think pops of purple around the home are the perfect way to introduce this colour into your home.

So now that you are armed with the knowledge of how different colours can work in an interior space you can go and invest in that yellow couch you keep passing in the shop window! Above all else this trend is designed to be fun and light-hearted so get creating and have some fun.

Happy neon-ing!

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