Lighting within a home can serve two purposes – the functional, and the stylish. Whilst it is important to address the practical elements of lighting, the benefits of modern lamps lie in their ability to illuminate a space, whilst also enhancing the charm and aesthetic of any area. 

Details make all the difference in a home, with flourishes of art, splashes of colour, and of course, specific lighting, creating an ambience that is yours and yours alone. The feel of a home should be echoed in every aspect of interior design, and although many consider lighting an afterthought, the reality is that each detail, right down to lampshades, will change the way you and your guests feel upon entering a space.

Modern lamps can bring a sparse, clean, Scandanavian feel to a home, whilst on the flipside, can also be constructed as pieces of art in their own right – a talking point for your living room. 

Classic lamps comprise sleek silhouettes, offering a subtle elegance to a room, with lampshades that can compliment or contrast with a space. A Country-Coastal look reflects the rustic nature of a holiday house, often incorporating organic and mixed materials as well as neutral tones to reflect the natural environment.  And of course the ever-popular Mid-Century designs speak to a sense of understated luxury, with geometric shapes complimenting brass and gold for an ornate feel. 

So what style is right for you and your home? Read on and get inspired for the looks you can create! 


Modern lamps are the perfect go-to for lighting a variety of rooms, offering a range of styles which can blend into an existing setting, or be used as a focal point in your space. Kitchen and work areas are generally considered the hubs of practical lighting – spaces where ‘task-oriented’ activities occur and require a flexible and useful design. 

The Pia desk lamp is the perfect, unobtrusive addition to a work space, boasting clean lines and available in a variety of modern colours. Similarly, the charcoal grey floor lamp is a subtle addition to small spaces, able to brighten any corner for the purposes of work, or to draw the eye.  The Littlewhy Contemporary Blue Floor Lamp is another moveable feast, lightweight and compact, but with a navy blue lampshade for an added touch of elegance.


Mid-Century designs are often the basis of modern lamps, offering functionality with a touch of the avant-garde. The use of mixed materials often means the lamps themselves are a noticeable asset to a room. An artwork in their own right, these lamps can reflect the ambience of the space and speak to your personal taste. 

A Mid-Century floor lamp can be a great way to light darker corners and draw attention to areas without detracting from the larger scheme, whilst pendants and chandeliers are a unique way to flood a wider space with soft lighting. Pendant light fittings can be crafted by hand and paired with a range of fabrics to create a bespoke design, whilst the Martha table lamp is a classic example of mixing materials to create a sense of glamour, with it’s brass internal and glass outer design.


Coastal style is immediately soothing and inviting, while its Country style gives off an old-school charm. Both designs can work in a variety of spaces, adding a touch of Mother Nature to starker settings, or adding a sense of cosiness to a homely atmosphere. The muted tones and white-washed finish of the Cora Table Lamp are a great addition to a holiday home, showcasing a rope-style base with a clean and elegant shade. Hamilton Floor Lamps feature satin-nickel bases with luxurious chocolate-brown leather. When paired with a simple, hessian lampshade, this country style brings an elegant but rustic tone to compliment any decor.


With a variety of finishes, classic lamps and lampshades are a functional and stylish addition to every room in any house. Whether you’re after an element of grandeur or hint of tradition, the classics will never seem out of place. With it’s hand-painted porcelain, the Clementine Table Lamp can add a sense of grandeur and luxury to a room, whilst the champagne-gold hues of a Fifi Lamp can be modernised with the addition of a rectangular lampshade. The Kita Table Lamp with it’s deep gold finish speaks to tradition, with a glass casing to ensure the style remains clean and appropriate for any style. These lamps are an essential part of any home, as a bedside light source for some late-night reading, or to warm a living area and fill ‘dead’ spaces. 

No matter what your decor or purpose, lighting is key in maintaining cohesion to your space, while adding a touch of personality.

Not only are Mayfield lamps and lampshades practical, but they offer a range of styles and sizes to suit any space and every purpose. Designing, distributing, and developing classic, coastal, country, and of course, modern lamps, has been the Mayfield specialty since 1945, and we continue to meet all your lighting desires with our 100% Australian-owned innovations.  

If you’re interested in adding a touch of brightness to your space, an essence of chic sensibility or a more elaborate quality to impress your family and friends, browse through our range of lampshades, or speak to us about custom-made options to ensure you shine a light on your individuality. 

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