Whether starting from scratch or simply tweaking a space, nothing can alter a room as dramatically as the right lighting arrangement. Investing in custom lamps and lampshades can add character to your home, while floor standing lamps can give the illusion of height and space. Mixing a contemporary space with the eccentric touch of a vintage desk lamp can have a dramatic impact without blowing the budget or throwing the mood off-kilter. These small additions are a great example of the connection between the practical and the cosmetic, meaning your home is functional but also 100% your own.  


No two rooms are the same, and neither are your globes. Take the heat off watts and check out the lumens when making your purchase: lumens measure the light emitted by the bulb, giving you a better indication into how brightly it will shine. This can affect the number of lighting sources your space requires, allowing you to pair-back on unnecessary lighting, or giving a new lease of life to vintage desk lamps which may be gathering dust.  


Functionality and aesthetics are of utmost importance when deciding how to light a space, but be sure to make the right choices in the right spaces. When considering the kitchen, floor-standing lamps won’t be as practical as pendant lights. This is because the kitchen requires functional lighting as a priority, allowing you to cook, read and perform a range of practical tasks. This task-lighting needn’t be at the expense of personality however, with pendant lighting available in a range of styles and able to be adjusted to the height that suits you. Equally, despite traditionally being a place for reading and other leisure activities, the living room is a great place to install custom lamps and lampshades to show off your unique style as priority, or floor standing lamps to illuminate specific areas without detracting from the ambience of the room in its entirety. 


Don’t shy away from combining different aesthetics in a single space. A modern room can be enhanced by custom lamps and lampshades which echo its contemporary feel, but can be rewarded with a sense of opulence with the addition of lights which double as works of art. Chandelier lights come in a variety of styles which needn’t be out of place in spartan spaces, whilst conversely rooms with a more ‘homely’ aesthetic can be enhanced by simple lighting which doesn’t detract from other key pieces. Downlights and ceiling lights are useful to flood larger spaces, whilst the addition of stand-alone lamps can bring attention to select pieces of art or furniture. 


Energy efficient and with a long lifespace, LED lights can be adjusted to suit the mood of a room. Warm white, cool white and daylight shades of LED globes can be placed in ceiling or wall lights creating a cosy atmosphere in the living room or more stark task-lighting for bathrooms or kitchens. LEDs on mirrors are incredibly useful, whilst also speaking to a sense of retro style. 


Pendants hanging low create an intimate atmosphere, whilst downlights arranged closer to the walls in a more scattershot fashion will highlight artworks and different areas, preventing the risk of simply illuminating the floor. The addition of dimmers means you can adjust the ambience of a room, which is ideal for bathrooms and spaces which can be areas of relaxation as well as functionality. The addition of lights to shower recesses and mirrors can also bridge the gap between functionality and style, evoking a sense of drama. 


Family-owned for seventy five years, Mayfield have been a trusted name in the world of lighting since 1945. With a carefully curated collection, Mayfield design, create and distribute custom lamps and lampshades for homes as well as commercial projects, whilst remaining 100% Australian owned. If you’ve been inspired to update your room, contact Mayfield to see how we can help you achieve your decor dreams.

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