Gritty warehouses, factories and downtown loft apartments, the industrial look continues unabated. In general, the word 'Industrial' from an interior perspective evokes the idea of materials such as reclaimed timber, cast iron, cement cinder blocks, old pipes and scrap metal found in an abandoned warehouse or a run down property, fashioned into something new.

Industrial styling involves the use of raw materials, nothing cookie-cutter or mass produced. However, this trend can often come across as cold and harsh... until now. This new take on Industrial style uses strong, layered textures and raw finishes, with an injection of colour and earthy tones. This trend combines raw concrete with pastel colours in Mint, Coral, Buttercup and the softest of Powder Blues.

The beauty of mixing different textures and finishes is the sense of character it adds to a room. You want to reach out and touch the un-polished surfaces and imagine what each piece may have been in a previous life. Pastel colours and soft neutral hues help to warm up industrial style pieces and make them blend in with other cosy features in a room.

The words industrial and cosy in the same sentence? Yes, now we have seen it all.

See more of the Industrial Colour trend below.

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