What is it about shiny things? Whether it's jewellery, watches or even a Gold Smartphone, shiny things just seem to get all the attention. This trend invites golden age glamour into your home with luxe touches and hits of Gold. When done right, Hollywood Regency can be flamboyant yet smart and classy.

Hollywood Regency is extravagant, showy, flamboyant and flashy. Take the Vogue and Finn lamps, in a pared back luxe setting their extravagance draws the eye then cleverly brings all the furniture around them up a notch or two.

Like all things Gold, there is a right and wrong way to use it in a design sense. Follow these styling Do's and Don'ts to achieve the perfect amount of Golden Age Glamour:

DO use it as an accent
Because it works beautifully almost any colour, picture frames, mirrors, lamps, fixtures and vases, are just a few of the places you can and should incorporate glints of Gold. Take the Vogue lamp as pictured above, this subtle Gold lining of the shade adds the perfect accent. This type of lining would also work well in a pendant shade above a dining table or staircase.

DO mix it up
Layer in touches of Chrome, Copper and Rose Gold for a look that flows seamlessly, without being too matchy-matchy. Selecting pieces with a more natural-look (think wicker baskets, fringe, wood) give interior spaces back an organic and soft element to contrast the 'cold' that metallics can convey.

DON'T go overboard
Maintaining a balance is the key to making metallics accents work in interior spaces. To make sure your space keeps a warm and comfortable feel, try placing your Gold accents against a more neutral, muted colour palette. This will ensure there is no tacky-factor and keeps in-tone with a softer, more refined look.

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