With beautiful, breezy proportions and light profiles, this trend of geometric shapes neatly fits within the modern Australian lifestyle, capturing the simplicity, innocence and style so desired in the contemporary home. Featuring Rose Copper, Jet Black and Mint colours, Geometric Love has all the edginess you need for the latest look in contemporary fashion.

Geometric shapes and patterns are more versatile than you probably think. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate some Geometric Love into your home, no matter what you style type is:

This one is all about straight lines, sharp angles, triangles, and patterns. It covers anything from angular hexagon tiles to chevron cushions and throws; geometry is the most at home in contemporary styling - pardon the pun. Mix geometric prints with metallic accents and you're on your way to one stylish contemporary interior.

Elegant and timeless is the best way to describe the Classic interior style. Classic interiors never go out of fashion because they don't buy into any passing trends or fads. Characterised by soft neutral tones and lashings of black and white, geometric shapes and patterns definitely have a place in the Classic interior style. Think soft textured wallpaper patterns, herringbone tiled splashbacks and black and white checkerboard flooring. Two tone ivory stripes are also great examples of Classic interior geometry.

Moroccan-style interiors are not exactly what you think of when you picture geometric angles and straight lines, BUT we're making an exception here. Identified by bright lively colours or turquoise, pink, orange, green, red, yellow and shapely repetitive patterns... think hand-woven rugs and patterned mosaic tiles - walls and walls of it. Seeing as this style has been around for centuries, we feel they deserve a spot in the Geometric Love rundown.

Like anything industrial, it's all about raw finishes, things a little rough-around-the-edges and the use of materials such as cement, scrap metal and wire. When you look closely, geometric patterns are everywhere in industrial styling. Exposed brick walls is an obvious one, same as the use of subway tiles which really bring the warehouse look to an interior space. We are seeing more open cage and wire pieces too, in everything ranging from cage pendants to side tables.

Art Deco
The roaring 20's gave us more than just jazz music, flapper dresses and bob haircuts. It gave us a timeless interior style which is still popular today. Art Deco interior decor is characterised by gold accents, luxurious fabrics such as velvet and fur... and of course geometric shapes and patterns. Structured metallic framed side tables, mirrored tiles and elegantly patterned wallpapers are some of the more prominent Art Deco interior elements we love.

At Mayfield, we have a lot of love for Geometric Love. Our new range features Rose Copper, Jet Black and a trio of Pastel wire lamps that have all the edginess you need for the latest look in contemporary fashion.

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