Nothing beats a holiday at the beach so it's no wonder this trend sees so many people wanting to recreate that feeling at home. Country Coastal designs are laid back, there are no strict rules, as long as it makes you feel relaxed.

Dumontlamps. The colours are calming, the open weave design is almost basket like, while the ceramic is like a seashell. Put them in a comfortable lounge setting and be transported back to your last beach holiday.

Light & airy is the aim of the game. Wherever you can, go natural. Bring the beauty of nature inside with bamboo, rattan and cane furniture; jute or seagrass matting and any other textured, natural material that comes to mind. Often these materials help to create a relaxed, coastal feel to your home. Natural colours and finishes also work well as a background canvas to coloured accents.

Decorating entirely in neutral colours creates a space that is soothing, sophisticated and warm. It's about breaking away from the hustle and bustle to relax. To achieve this at home - whether it actually is by the beach or not - you should look to what makes you feel calm.