When considering lighting in the bedroom, most people visualise modern desk lamps and little else, however the wide variety of options available can offer functional and creative solutions to ensure your bedroom looks its best. From giving the illusion of space, to drawing attention to stylistic touches, lighting can assist you in your quest for the perfect bedroom decor. When you’re ready to redecorate remember, modern floor lamps are just the beginning of your journey to bringing style to your bedroom!

Bedside Lamps and Floor Lamps

Bedside lamps and bedroom floor lamps are a dime a dozen, but their popularity doesn’t mean one size fits all. Serving the practical purpose of helping you read through that book before bed, as well as being dotted around the room to illuminate dark corners, it is essential to consider proportion when purchasing your lamp. For bedside table lamps, ensure your base won’t overtake the table, and similarly check that your bedroom floor lamps don’t unnecessarily take up space. This is particularly important in apartment living, where bedrooms can be small and space should be optimised, therefore opt for styles with smaller bases and shades. The Stevie bedside lamp is a stylish addition to more solid bedside tables, whilst the unobtrusive but statuesque design of floor lamps, such as The Soma, can also minimise clutter and make ceilings appear higher, giving the impression of space. Place bedroom floor lamps near armchairs to draw attention to stylish furnishings and as encouragement to use areas other than the bed for reading. 

Saving Space and Pulling Focus

If you’re keen on drawing attention to an artwork, an area, or just averse to mess on your bedside table, wall and ceiling lights are a subtle way of decluttering the top of your cabinets or leading the eye to that marvellous painting you just purchased. Both offer space-saving solutions and with a variety of styles to choose from, serve as talking-points in their own right. If you have the space, chandeliers and other extravagant shades can project your own sense of style to the bedroom. Those keen to maximize the area and those who are into a more spartan aesthetic can browse the neverending range of finishes on offer, from metallic brass, to chrome, glass, porcelain and beyond. 

Swing it! 

Versatile, practical and with minimal wiring-fuss, pendant lighting can be incorporated into your bedroom to flood the entire space. As with traditional ceiling lights, the ability for self-expression is in the finer details. Consider custom fittings to enhance your own aesthetic, with woven textures for a more rustic feel, or metallic finishes for those who enjoy a contemporary edge. Wire frames can assist an industrial aesthetic, while glass pendant lighting can provide a great sense of opulence in a space, without being overwhelming. Mayfield can advise you on all forms of lighting, offering a range of fabrics and styles from our own collection, or using fabrics from your own selection.

Bedroom Floor Lamps Be Gone

If you plan ahead with a trusty electrician, you can enjoy custom-made pendant lights in lieu of bedside table lamps. With the help of a qualified electrician, and of course the specialists at Mayfield, you can enjoy smaller lights installed at the correct height right by your bedside. This unique addition to a bedroom can be further enhanced by selecting lampshades which reflect your own style, with a range of options to appeal to elegance, warmth, artisan or retro tastes. 

Get Down

If you’re into space-saving contemporary aesthetics, downlights offer the sleek appearance and flexibility of bedroom floor lamps. Allowing you to be in control of where your lighting hits, downlights can be recessed into your ceiling and provide a narrow beam of light to cover selected areas. Clean, streamlined, and without the need for fixtures, this is another example of lighting in it’s most practical and subtle form. 

Add A Little Luxe

Chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, catering to smaller bedrooms requiring an extra touch of pizazz, as well as larger master bedrooms which benefit from lighting that is a work of art in it’s own right.

Picture Perfect
Downlights and bedroom floor lamps can all assist when it comes to drawing the eye to areas of your room, however nothing says ‘look at this!’ quite like picture lights. If you are looking to imbue your master bedroom with a feeling of opulence, fixing picture lights above an artwork will ensure you showcase your investment piece, and in turn, your style. Similarly, fixing picture lights above your bed serve the practical purpose of negating the need for modern desk lamps which could be at odds with the room’s decor.