There’s no doubt that natural light can bring out the best in a home, but for those of us without great big windows and sweeping sky views, the right indoor lighting is all the more important. You don’t need to break the bank when buying table lamps, but rather opt for smart, timeless choices that will illuminate the right spaces and bring the right atmosphere to your room. 

Living Rooms

One of the most important areas of the home is the living room. A room you spend the most time in; reading, watching tv, and generally socialising, the living room is a space to be creative and reflect your style. By forgoing overhead lighting in favour of side illumination, you can achieve a textured effect that imbues the area with enough light to peruse your bookshelves, but not so much that it overpowers. To get the most out of a living area, buy floor standing lamps. These mobile pieces of craftsmanship can be moved around the space for those moments you want to ‘mix it up’, whilst also leading the eye upwards to achieve a sense of height to a room. Furthermore, if you buy floor standing lamps you are investing in a piece of sculptural elegance as well as a practical source of light. 

This Esta floor lamp combines the practicality of a table with the elegance of architectural lines, suitable for a modern living space.

The Remi floor lamp is an elegant addition to a living room, offering mid-century interest with the subtle frosted-glass shade and antique brass with white marble finish.

To add a sense of country-coastal style to your living room, Ava’s organic materials and cream finish brings a rustic warmth to your room.

Bedrooms & Studies

Bedrooms and studies can benefit from the elegance of table and desk lamps. Useful in lieu of traditional task lighting, these movable light sources can range from uniquely beautiful pieces for your bedside table, to practical and sleek additions to your desk and study. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to buy a designer table lamp or instead opt for those which serve the purpose of practicality alone, but whichever you choose, consider the virtues of lamp shades. Australia has a long history of unique interior design which can be seen in, and enhanced by small additions such as shades with interesting prints and textures that serve to add a pop of colour and interest to a desk lamp.

Satin Gold with a Blue Velvet shade, this Misty table lamp has that rich pop of colour to bring a decadance to your room.

If you’re ready to buy designer table lamps, Montana is the talking-point you're after. With it’s painted toucan design on white marble, this one is for those who want to add extra summer substance to their room. 

This smoked-glass table lamp shows-off a vintage silhouette with a modern edge. A luxurious addition to your bedside tables, consider the Regan to bring a bit of light and glamour to your nighttime reading.

Sculptural and practical, consider the Arlen as your multi-purpose saviour. Ideal for bedside or desks, the brushed-brass stem and adjustable metal shade means you can direct the beam to suit the task at hand.

If you want to refresh your space, simple lighting changes can make a big difference. The smallest adjustments in illumination can have an enormous effect on your room and mood, so consider foregoing the renovations, and instead opt to buy floor standing lamps! If you have the budget to buy designer table lamps, enjoy the added benefit of their unique sense of style. But don't forget, even the most simple designs have a space-altering impact!

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